How to use the top 4 piping tips

Allow me to assist you on How to use the Top 4 Piping Bag Tips to create the most delicious & beautiful cupcakes, cakes and cookies. You’ll learn about the different types of piping tips and the different ways  you can decorate with them. 


I know that when it comes to baking it can be quite intimidating, and with a massive range of Piping Tips out there on the market, I wanna make sure you are as equipped as possible for your next bake. We’re going to be covering how to use the Top 4 Piping Bag Tips and what you can decorate with them.



how to use the Top 4 Piping Bag Tips


  • Open Star
  • Closed Star
  • Round Tip
  • French Star

Let’s take a closer look into some of these.



Open star tips are ideal for rosettes (flower like shapes), exterior borders around the outskirts of cupcakes and cakes. They are great for creating swirls of icing, stars, drop flowers The Wilton 1M piping tip is extremely popular when it comes to piping cupcakes.

Open Star Piping Tip


The closed star tip is a tighter and more deeply grooved version of the Open Star piping tip. It’s also known as a drop flower tip because as the name suggests, you can pipe beautifully shaped flowers directly onto cupcakes, cakes and desserts.

Closed Star Piping Tip


French Star Piping Tip is commonly used for creating swirl designs for cakes & cupcakes. These are made from stainless steel meaning they will not rust or bend out of shape making it very long lasting.

French Piping Tip


The round tip gives a smooth, classic finish to your piping design that I personally believe works best with buttercream. It’s also great for filling in gaps between cake layers. By using different sizes of the Round Tip it can turn your icing into anything from loose waves to thick swirls, which makes your creations a lot more exciting.

Round Piping Tip



Basic Sizes:


I recommend getting a 32 piece kit to give you more value for money, included are piping bags as well to get you started. You can find them on Amazon here 32 Pack Piping Tips



How to clean your Piping Tips

To clean your tips, run them under warm water and remove as much icing as possible. Then soak the tips in hot, soapy water. Hot water  will help eliminate a good amount of the greasiness left behind from the butter in your frosting.

Then give them a thorough wipe over, with the smaller tips you might need to use a toothpick to get any small remaining icing from the teeth.




Now that you have a better understanding of Piping Tips, it’s time to get out there and practice, practice, practice. Check out a few of these videos to help get you started: