Rita's Lil Sweeties Joins The Qoin Market


Your probably wondering what Qoin is? and what benefits that has to yourself as a Consumer/Business?


What is Qoin?

Qoin is an Australia owned Cryptocurrency registered with ASICS that launched in January 2020 with a fully functional blockchain & wallet. Qoin is a front facing digital currency that offers merchants the opportunity to join the Qoin community & accept new customers who pay using Qoin. Merchants/Consumers then have the opportunity to hold the Qoin for potential future growth or spend Qoin with other participating merchants.

The Qoin Blockchain has been developed using the Quorum Blockchain. Qoin offers merchant participation enabling merchants to generate additional sales in their business with customers using Qoin as payment. These additional sales come through a wallet based directory where users can search for business’ locally & nationally. Upcoming additions to the Qoin wallet will include an on-line shop where you can buy goods such as (clothing, electronics etc.).

Rita's Lil Sweeties Joins The Qoin Market

What’s the benefit for the Customer?


By signing up to Qoin as a consumer, your opening up a brand new way of purchasing goods and services through means of cryptocurrency. Qoin offers you so many benefits. From super fast touchless transactions, to in-built rewards and the peace of mind that you control your money. No third parties controlling your money, no fees to withdraw your own money and no extra cost when you choose Qoin as your preferred payment method.

Best thing is by leaving your money in your Qoin wallet you can literally watch it grow day by day. With the security of the stock value being backed by real businesses that are part of the community, you can be ensured that your investment is safe. Unlike Bitcoin stocks where they previously worked on a pump and dump scheme that can be extremely volatile, meaning prices can soar one day and drop the next, creating massive holes in your wallet. Qoin is a gradual climb, with each new consumer/merchant joining, this pushes the prices up. Meaning everyone wins.

Qoin offers an incentive to all users as well. If you refer a business/person (ABN Holder) and they sign up, you will receive Q100 for each sign up with no maximum limit. That converts to $344 AUD. That would be an easy living if you referred 3-4 people a week.


What’s the benefit to Merchants?

As a merchant, the benefits of signing up to Qoin’s Directory listing is the ability to expand your income stream by allowing an alternative way of accepting payment for your goods and services from consumers. As well as having the flexibility of writing off business income as an asset/investment, meaning you won’t need to pay GST/Tax on any products/services sold. Being that Qoin is in a blockchain wallet and is not recorded by any banks, you will have the freedom of controlling your own income and expenses, without any fees/charges.

With every business/ABN Holder that signs up for a free account with a referral (J.J KEMP & S WILLIAMS), will receive a Q200 ($688 AUD) startup deposit to kick off.

Added Bonus!! By creating a free public listing for your business, it will be live for the Qoin community to search for your business and be able to visit you/purchase goods and services with their Qoin wallet INSTANTLY!! into yours.

The best part about it is that it’s FREE!

You will need to contact Jeff to help with setting up your Merchant account/Public Listing and getting it verified:

Qoin Agent

JEFF KOLLEN – (61+) 0424606015


Rita’s Lil Sweeties is now registered with Qoin

Rita’s Lil Sweeties has now officially joined up with Qoin as a registered Merchant. We will now accept Qoin as a a payment method for our Cupcakes, Cakes & Desserts. By using your Qoin wallet as payment you will avoid paying any tax on goods and services. It is an instant transfer and you’ll also have a transactions list on your account for review as well.


Referral Qoin Bonus 

If you are a merchant and have your own ABN number? you can put down in the referral column that Rita’s Lil Sweeties referred you and by doing so will allow you to be eligible for the Q200 startup bonus in your Qoin wallet. At this point in time that equates to $688 AUD. Not bad right? and the best thing is, its free to set up. By joining up you will help strengthen the Qoin community and together we will help the price rise. Meaning more financial growth for yourself and other Qoin users.


What can I Deposit?

Qoin offers a range of packages you can choose from, such as:

Bronze Package – $2500 – 2.5% Bonus with Rita’s Lil Sweeties Referral = $2,565 ($65 Bonus)

Silver Package – $5000 – 5% Bonus with Rita’s Lil Sweeties Referral = $5,250 ($250 Bonus)

Gold Package – $10,000 – 10% Bonus with Rita’s Lil Sweeties Referral =$11,000 ($1000 Bonus)


You also have the option of depositing blocks which are:

$100 block 

$500 block

$1000 block 

Custom Blockanywhere between $101 – $10,000


This is an opportunity to take by the horns as all the major banks (ANZ, Westpac, NAB, Suncorp) are slowly converting to using cryptocurrency as a new age digital currency. While the price of Qoin is only currently at $3.46 at time of writing (it started at $0.15 in April this year, that’s a 2200% increase!!) meaning if you invested $1000 back in April you would have over $23,000 now!!!).

Qoin has a major potential to increase, as by the end of the year they are expanding from Australia & New Zealand to Singapore, Thailand and UK and by about March next year most of the world. Now If you look at Bitcoin it started in 2009 at $2.00 per Bitcoin, only 11 years later its now worth over $24,000 per Bitcoin. Being that a paperless society is being forced in, cryptocurrencies are going to be widely used in the not so distant future. So jump in now guys and lets pave a brighter, more financially free future for everyone.


Click the Link Below to sign up for a free account and get yourself that startup Q200 by using (J.J KEMP & S WILLIAMS) as the referral. Lets make a financially burden free life together.